Connect Zoom to

Step 1: Create Zoom application for

  1. Login to using Zoom Workspace Owner or Admin user account.
  2. Go to and click “Create” for Server-to-Server OAuth app. Image
  3. In “Create a Server-to-Server OAuth app” pop-up window type “” as App Name.
  4. In the “App Credentials” section copy your “Account ID”, “Client ID”, and “Client Secret”. You will need them for connection. Image
  5. Click “Continue”.
  6. In the “Information” section fill in “Short Description”, “Company Name”, developer “Name” and developer “Email”. Image
  7. In the “Scopes” section click “+Add Scopes” button. Image
  8. In “Add scopes” window click on “User” section and choose “View users information and manage users” first. After that click on “Group” section, choose “View and manage groups”, and click “Done”. needs this permission to sync users and groups. Image Image
  9. Click “Continue”.
  10. In the last “Activation” section click “Activate your app” button.


  11. You should see “Your app is activated on the account” message after successful activation.


    Step 2: Connect Zoom to


  12. Go to the SynkTo Systems page, find Zoom in “Choose a System” field, and click “Add a System”. Image
  13. Provide “Custom Name” and “Description” to the system in order to remember it. It will be used in “My Connections” section. Image
  14. In “Authentication settings” provide your “Account ID”, “Client ID”, and “Client Secret” from the Step 1 of this instruction.
  15. Click “Check connection”.
  16. If everything is fine, you will see “Account Connected” green mark and the number of system users and groups in the bottom.
  17. Click “Save” and you will see the system in My Systems list. Congrats!!! Now you can use it in “My Connections” section of Image
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