Sync Google Workspace and Slack

Prior setting up Google Workspace and Slack users and groups sync you should have Google Workspace and Slack connected in “My Systems” section of application.

If you don’t have them, don’t worry and just follow the following articles first:

  1. Login to and open “My Connections” section of the application.


  1. Choose Google Workspace as a Source System (which will be used as a reference for users and groups) and Slack as a Replica System (which will receive any updates made in Source System), and click “Create Connection”.


  1. On a Step 1, set up “Custom Name”, sync intervals, “Connection Description”, and choose the following options, if you:
    • Allow to automatically create new users in the Replica system,
    • Allow to automatically deactivate/delete users in the Replica system.

      Without that options won’t do any critical actions (creation, deletion and suspension) with users in Replica System.


  2. Choose Source group and Replica group that you want to keep in sync in terms of users.
  3. Check user mapping in the table view. Initially all users are mapped by email and you can’t change that behavior. Use table search to facilitate the mapping.
  4. (optional) Change “Action(s)” from “To Synk” to “To Ignore” for all users you want to skip from synchronization (eg. service or group users). You can use table search to find all of them. Image
  5. (optional) Click “Sync Another Group” if you want to add more groups in one Connection.
  6. Click “Activate” to launch users synchronization. Image
  7. Click “Done” to finish the connection.
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