• Why do I need Synk.to?
    Synk.to is the first cloud-first identity management (IDM) platform! This means that you can now integrate multiple software as a service (SaaS) apps into your Synk.to system to seamlessly manage users and groups across your organization.
    More and more companies use SaaS systems instead of on-prem solutions. Modern companies estimate that 70% of the business apps that they use today are based on SaaS.
    Users and groups synchronization between different SaaS solutions via SCIM protocol is usually available only on SaaS Enterprise plans that cost 2,5x more on average comparing to Pro/Team/Regular SaaS plans.
    If you don’t need SaaS Enterprise plans, but need to sync users and groups between SaaS systems, Synk.to is for you!
  • What is Source system?
    Source system is a reference system for users and groups to be synced to Replica Systems. Usually it is the first system where your users appear. It can be Google Workspace, Azure AD (Entra ID) or some HR system (BambooHR, Zenefits, etc.).
  • What is Replica system?
    Replica system is some third-party SaaS solution that should receive any changes made in Source system. Some good examples of replica systems are issue tracking tools (eg. Jira Cloud or Asana), communication tools (eg. Slack or Microsoft Teams), code repositories (eg. GitLab or Bitbucket) and other SaaS business systems.
  • If I make a change in Source or Replica system, when is it reflected in Synk.to?
    If you open Source and Replica connection settings, you can see changes immediately with Current Status and upcoming action for each user for a next sync cycle. Users and groups will be synchronization in Replica systems in accordance with sync interval set in Connection Details. Due to rate limits on SaaS APIs, 15 minutes is the lowest interval you can set for synchronization.
  • Can I exclude certain users from sync?
    Sure, just move them to “To Ignore” state in “Group Mapping” tab of your connection settings. This is especially relevant, if you have technical, testing or service accounts in your groups. You will need to set it up for every group mapping you have.


  • How much does Synk.to cost?
    We have Free plan, which gives you access to all our features, but limits sync functionality only for up to 100 users and 3 groups. The Pro plan has flat pricing of $2 synced user per month (including VAT).
    For more information on our plans, check out our pricing page.
  • What happens if I reached the limit on Free and don't go to Pro?
    Once the threshold of 100 synced users is reached, no other new users will be synced above the threshold. The first 100 users will be kept in sync.
    If you reach 3 groups limit, no other groups/connections will be allowed to add. But you can still delete some old one and add new to meet the Free plan limit.
  • How do you count synced users for billing?
    The charge is calculated for the number of users (excluding users in “To Ignore” state) in connected groups of Source Systems you have in a given month at a billing date/time. You can check the number of users synced in a billing month on the main dashboard of your Synk.to account.
    The metered billing user count is calculated 2 days ahead of the next billing date. The billing notification email is sent to your account email, so you can be aware of the upcoming charge.
  • Is there a free trial period?
    We don’t offer free trial period. If you want to test our solution, please, use our Free plan.
  • How can I upgrade to Pro?
    You can upgrade to Pro plan by going to “Subscription” tab in “Profile & Settings” section of your Synk.to account, and choosing “Select Plan” in Pro Plan section. You will be redirected to Paddle payment system, where you should attach credit card to your Synk.to account. You will be billed upon upgrade from the Free plan to Pro plan.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    You can downgrade your plan by going to “Subscription” tab in “Profile & Settings” section of your Synk.to account, and choosing “Downgrade” in Free Plan section. If you are on Pro plan and has less than 100 users and less that 3 groups, we will still bill your account.
  • What will happen to my connections if I cancel Pro subscription?
    They will be kept in your account, but synchronization will be working only within Free plan limits.
  • Can I pay annually?
    No, currently we don’t support annual payments.
  • What will happen if my payment fails?
    If our first attempt to automatically charge your account fails, we try again in 24 hours. And will try for the next 5 days. After that your service will be suspended.

System and features support

  • What system integrations do you support?
    Currently we support Google Workspace, Slack, and Jira Cloud.
    For Slack connection, note that creation, suspension and deletion of users are only supported on Slack Business+ plan.
  • What systems do you plan to support in future?
    We will support more and more SaaS solutions in the upcoming months. Currently we are working on adding Microsoft Teams, Jira Enterprise and BambooHR support.
  • There is an integration or feature I want, but don't see in Synk.to. Can I request it?
    Sure, we are continuously develop our product and eager to hear the requirements of our users. You can submit your request using “Contact Us” form on our landing page. We will evaluate it, and if it fits our product strategy, we will integrate it free of charge.
  • How do I sign up to hear about new functionality?
    Just sign in to our service and we will let you know about our product updates.
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